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If you want to discover a target market, expand your organization, import and export, and sell your product and service between Morocco and Liberia, including the entire Mano River Union subregion, the Economic Community of the West African States, the Arab Maghreb Union, and the Africa Union marketplaces, we are available 24/7 to assist you .  We lay the groundwork for business to business transactions and quickly inroad your business into and compete in the regional and subregional African markets and beyond that to the great Arab free trade area.

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A Daring Story

The Liberia-Morocco bilateral scholarship recipients arrived in Morocco in 23 waves. For functional and simplification purposes, the student arrival dates are grouped in four periods viz. 1989, 2010, 2011, and 2018. The first wave consisted of 31 students. They entered Morocco in the antebellum period between 1987 and 1988. Read More


The practical application of bilateralism in solving a nation’s development problems requires strategy as well as tactics. The application of strategy helps reduce the trade imbalance, remove trade barriers, and reduce inflation or price hike, to name a few examples. A great tactic connects the strategy and the execution, ensuring that every country to the agreement does the right work in the right way at the right time to achieve its goals. In other words, the mindset should focus on things that change normal operations to optimize values and benefits.
Best bilateral deals, however, strive for a win-win, quid pro quo situation. Bilateralism is a good thing.  Read More

Highlights of Morocco-Liberia Cooperation

On March 30th, 1965, four years after the death of King Mohammed of Morocco, President Tubman took upon an offer from King Hassan II to visit the Kingdom of Morocco. He returned home with a deep admiration for King Hassan and the people of Morocco.
The young king accorded him royal courtesies, entertainment, and consideration. In a speech to the legislature, President Tubman described King Hassan II as a man of “mellow experience and sound judgment.” Read More

Things You Should Know About the Maghreb
Part I: Definition

The use of regional or sub-regional terminology such as North Africa or al—Maghreb is only essentially pragmatic. The concept of North Africa was first used during the Second World War to designate the Sub-region of the Middle East, including the Western Desert of Egypt and Libya. Read More

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